Loctite was fairly new when I was doing my apprenticeship nearly 60 years ago. I remember that it was reckoned that, with high strength Loctite, if the engagement ratio was greater than 2.5 : 1 then you had no chance of separating the two parts without breaking one of them. Applying heat - lots of it - to break down the Loctite was the only way. Don't use a high strength Loctite to stop nuts and bolts vibrating loose!

Don't forget that just saying the wheels were Loctited on is a bit like saying that they were glued on. You need to specify what grade of Loctite was used!

Unless you are using Loctite to hold bits of an aircraft together, as long as you store it in a cool place in its original container with some air in the top it has a long shelf life - "as long as it still comes out of the bottle it's good" was how the shelf life was described during a talk on the topic.

Just like silver solder you need a gap for the Loctite to work. I take a couple of thous from the middle of the wheel seat, leaving the two ends a push fit to ensure correct alignment.

And don't forget to spell Loctite with a capital L - it's a registered trademark.



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