For those of you that did not attend the AGM.

A resolution was moved  that the society move to holding meetings every 3 three months instead of monthly because of the low number of members attending. There was also an amendment moved that we go to bi-monthly meeting and to included an activity at the meetings.  The amendment was lost and the resolution was carried. So the next meetings will be the first Wednesday of January, April, July and October. The October meeting will follow the AGM which will still be held in October.


Also subs are now due and should be sent to the treasurer which as been set at 15 and must be paid at the latest at the January Meeting. 

Meetings held 1st Wednesday of the January, April. July and the AGM followed by the normal meeting in October starting at 7.30 and are held at the Old Brumby United Church Hall, Ashby Road.

    NOTE:- That the inside church hall door may be locked at the start of the meeting, should you arrive after this time go into the lobby and on the left hand side of the door there is a row of push buttons. We are in room No 1 after pressing someone will come and open the door