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To be updated shortly In the steaming bays there is 240, 24 & 12 volt supplies. De mineralised water and coal. Loco's can be unloaded by a free running lift, and a lifting turntable this also moves loco's on to the track that feeds onto to main track. There will be members to operate these for you.



    You will see that the anti tip rail is 9.75" 250 mm from the top  of the track and at this point is 18" 460 mm wide. The track is 17" 430 mm from ground level.




There are three signals on the track one just before the bendy beam (For putting loco's on and off the main line). One to the entrance to the tunnel and another one on the approach to the large bridge. The signal are automatic and when horizontal are in the STOP position. When they are mid way between horizontal and vertical this the indication to GO.